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Frost/Nixon is a political thriller that will show you the verbal dueling between a fallen president and a British talk show host, retelling the post-Watergate story of a famous T.V. interview.

This is an historical crowd pleaser from start to finish and has been nominated for best acting.

Even if you know this story, anyone should enjoy seeing this combat of wits played out.

Scissors up for me!

Time and tide . . .

While wiretapping of Americans may seem like a patriotic endeavor to some, 30 years ago it was considered a violation of rights and a crime.

Richard Nixon walked away from his presidency and a possible felony conviction.

In 1977, David Frost (a British-born T.V. personality) got Nixon to admit to wrong-doing during a one-on-one interview on a syndicated television program.

The news interview has never been the same -- mission accomplished!

The movie is a fact-based story about a face-to-face show down between a clever, skillful British T.V. host, David Frost, and a disgraced American president, Richard M. Nixon -- the very complicated politician forced to resign in the wake of the Watergate scandal.

Nixon agreed (for a big fee) to sit with Frost through 12 days of taped interrogation.

Peter Morgan, who wrote the screenplay as well as the play, does a great job of exploring the psychological terrain, showing how Frost found the way and the money to land the interviews and how Nixon played cat and mouse with his host when asked to admit wrong-doing and apologize.

This is a real battle of wits between two of the more unlikely fighters the television medium has ever brought together.

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