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Friday Night Lights




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This true story is an excellent film adapted from a book about a high school football team in Odessa, Texas.

It gives you an eye-opening account of football fever, a disease that can either build character or destroy it.

The director captures the crushing sounds of helmets and pads colliding, but also shows that it's the town's only pastime, and in the hands of coaches, parents, and townsfolk that will go to all ends to win.

It's a very interesting movie on how far one can take a sport.

They take their high school football seriously in Texas.

During the season, every store in the town of Odessa shuts down on Friday, so the residents can go to the game; that's Texas football!

The film shows us the coach, players, and families involved in the sport, along with their hopes, dreams, and disappointments.

It's a realistic, gritty and at times sad portrayal of America's second-greatest pastime.

Friday Night Lights is a strict, severe, and moving true story about a poor, worn-out, small West Texas town that lives for its Friday night high school football victories.

The movie is about the pressure to win. Their goal is to capture the fifth Texas state championship in their 30-year history.

It's really a psychological thriller.

Many sports enthusiasts think the book is one of the greatest sport stories ever told.

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