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Frequency is a science-fiction thriller in which a father and son talk to each other on a short-wave radio (with the help of strong solar sunspots), even though the father was killed 30 years ago.

They change history back and forth, so don't be too picky about the story. It holds you, despite some of the short-comings, and will leave you satisfied.

It's not so much who done it, but how will it end?

There are really two stories in Frequency: the sentimental one where a son prevents his father's early demise via ham radio 30 years in the future, and the ridiculous serial-killer episode which becomes so complicated that it makes absolutely no sense.

Another wonderful premise undermined by bad scripting.

Frequency is action-heavy with a dash of science fiction. To follow the story, you've got to be paying attention and picking up visual and auditory clues.

There are obvious flaws in logic that come across as a bit confusing. The way the script presents it, there are weak and unmotivated plot contrivances. The movie corkscrews through time travel and World Series at-bats. So it's one-two-three strikes you're out
At the old ball game.

The ending is poorly assembled, with too many quick cuts leaving the door open to confusion.

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