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Meet the Fockers




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We all know they used this title to let the writers go crazy with one-liners.

Meet the Fockers is a sequel that works, in its own nasty way, thanks to pro veterans Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streisand.

I laughed at the humor, and was entertained by most everything.

It's a good holiday flick that lets you stretch your disbelief and have some fun.

Meet the Fockers proves that big-name actors don't need a script to act…like complete idiots.

This sequel (like the original) is full of episodic scenes to set up the payoff laughs (mostly puns on the family name). And laughs there are--despite the sappy melodrama, which sadly prevents this film from becoming a full-blown funfest.

As average as its predecessor, it still contains some good comedic moments.

One thing I liked about this movie was that the title lets you know what you're in for, and don't be fooled by the PG-13 rating because it easily should have been rated R.

This film descends to a low level of stupid vulgarity that is mostly raunchy.

The invitation that its title offers can be misleading for some people this holiday season, so be forewarned, this picture is not for the whole family and especially children.

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