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Big Fish




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Big Fish is a super fantasy fun film that focuses on a father/son reunion.

After the father became very ill, Will seeks to understand his father as an individual without having to listen to the old man's bragging marathon fish stories.

The movie contains some great images, like making time stand still the moment he met his first true love, and offers a long and winding road with refreshing pauses, almost like a modern Wizard of Oz.

I think we all know people who stretch their story a bit too much, but we still love them.

It's just a good, feel-better-about-life movie.

Which is more real: the life you choose, or the stories you grew up hearing as a child? Sometimes it's hard to separate the truth from the fiction.

Tim Burton weaves a tall tale of giants, strange people, love, redemption & death in this well-told story, proving--as far as imagination goes--it's better to be a big fish in a little pond.

Big Fish is the tale of a Southern small-town dad whose fish stories are so big that they irritate his complaining adult son, to the extent that he doesn't talk to the old man anymore--until he learns that his father is dying.

The repeated stories involve witches, circuses, werewolves & giants. The son wants his larger-than-life dad to tell him the truth for once before it's too late.

This movie just romps along in leaps and bounds. It's really illustrative, moving entertainment from start to finish.

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