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This week's reviewed movie is:
Fired Up




Gene the Barber

Snick the Sidekick

Gordie the Barber


Fired Up's plot and sub-plots are uninteresting at best.

They don't take seriously the sport of competitive cheerleading, instead using it as a background filler for a throwaway dumb-down-dumber teenage skin flick that wouldn't have mattered if there was an effort to make the whole thing an out-and-out spoof -- which would have been acceptable.

Most of the jokes hit a brick wall for not having any punch lines, and some of the actors are almost twice the age of their characters.

Say no more -- it's just one big train wreck for me.

Movies this bad don't really deserve to be reviewed.

However . . .

It's not clever enough to be a farce or compelling enough to even qualify as a teenage comedy.

It's male footballers at cheerleading camp -- with a PG-13 rating?

As bad as it sounds, from start to finish.

The story is about two high school playboys who get fired up and decide to skip football camp in order to join the mostly female cheerleading squad.

The idea is predictable, as the two young jocks invade the cheerleader camp and try to hook up with as many hard bodies as possible.

The teen exploitation premise is like something a porn film maker from the past might have come up with.

This movie, in my view, doesn't have any redeeming value, except for some footage of group cheerleading competition that was impressive.

But not enough to recommend this raunchy film.

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