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Jason Bateman plays Joel, a self-made man owning his own successful bottling company of vanilla, almond, and other assorted flavors of extracts.

He's a guy who knows his employees, who range from silly/fun/weird to delusional/incompetent.

At home his wife has little or no interest in his love life.

His next-door-neighbor just drives them both crazy, with a real shocker, then throw in a couple more stories.

You'll have enough laughs with a five-star cast of top-notch actors to make it well worth watching.

It's dumb people behaving badly as Mike Judge (the same man who brought us Bevis & Butthead and Office Space) takes a shot at blue collar workers.

Jason Bateman plays the head of a factory full of dysfunctional nincompoops making one bad decision after another.

Now it's not really apparent who Mike Judge is making fun of in this watered-down satire, but one thing is crystal clear: it's not as funny as it could be.

The movie has a humorous, sill, dumb story of the way ordinary, small-town people get into trouble.

The ale starts off slow and revolves around the owner of a food extract factory where he tries to keep order on the job, and then with his wife at home.

The film stirs up a lot of sympathy for the put-upon boss of the company, who must deal with an injured employee, a sexy scam artist, and a sleazy lawyer.

It's about the real world of weirdos , and in the end I did find it sort of entertaining, in an oddball way.

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