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Evolution was a lot better than I expected--with mind-blowing effects, full of cool colorful creatures, and suprises.

The timing between actors was worked out like a polished comedy routine. Don't overlook the fact that this is a sci-fi action comedy.

So don't grow up--be yourself and enjoy this very clever funny summer movie. I had a heck of a good time with this fun story.

In a summer of movie blockbusters, it's survival of the fittest. It's the law of natural selection.

Unfortunately this mediocre sci-fi comedy bears its teeth using special effects rather than good screenwriting.

Yes, it has some laughs, but most fall flat thanks to poor timing or bad delivery. A good idea desperately waiting for a decent script to evolve.

You are so beautiful to me.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder in this bizarre science fiction flick. Evolution is an odd, outrageous summer fluff picture.

The comedy is about alien life forms that threaten to wipe out mankind. Three wacko scientists come to the rescue. The cast seemed to enjoy the silly script, and I thought they all did a good job of creating some dumb adult entertainment out of what they had to work with.

It's not a great movie, but it is humorous at times, if you don't take it too seriously

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