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This week's reviewed movie is:
Evan Almighty

Gene the Barber
Snick the Sidekick
Gordie the Barber
The animals were the best part of Evan Almighty.

The special effects are surprisingly so-so for such a big and expensive film.

There are some funny moments, but I think they put all the money in the trailer.

They did manage to bring the two story parts together, linking a moral about general do-goodism with a warning about the need to protect the environment.

After saying all that, I still give it a silly, silly, dumb scissors sideways for the kids.
How do you like your tripe? Well, you can'y have it well done!

Evan Almighty is a disapointing follow-up to an already mediocre film that will only appeal to 12-year-old bible scolars who are into animal poop jokes.

It has an ending so preachy and self-righteous that even $175 million of cheesy special effects can't make up for it.

Truly, a non-funny comedy for the masses.
This film has a lot of faults, but what I liked about this sequel is that it is family friendly, and that's on the plus side, in my view.

The young kids should be pleasantly entertained to see all the different kinds of animals showing up, two by two, on the star's lawn.

This is a big effects-driven  comedy of Biblical proportions, and good advertising for Universal Studio's Noah's Ark whitewater raft ride.

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