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Enemy at the Gates




Gene the Barber

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This film is basically about the battle of two men within a battle of thousands and thousands of Russian men and women who fought to hold back the Germans from entering the city of Stalingrad .

If you like sniper warfare, then this your movie. I was entranced with the whole story--not knowing all the history involved. That kept the suspense going for me.

The languages were all filmed in English and easy to understand and follow. That's a big plus for me.

Well acted, and well worth seeing.

Enemy at the Gates offers a gritty and at times too realistic view of the battles at Stalingrad during WWII .

The story: a game of cat and mouse between Russian and German sharpshooters shows more of the power of propaganda than the futility of war itself.

Despite unconvincing characters and a poorly written script, Ed Harris says more with his eyes than most actors do with dialogue.

A good old-fashioned war movie--good but not great.

Enemy at the Gates is an action-packed blockbuster about a Russian sharpshooter who becomes a hero during the fight for Stalingrad in 1942.

Inspired by the true story of Russian sniper Vasily Zaitsev, who picks off 40 German officers over one legendary period, the film zeros in on four participants in this grim, powerful chapter of WWII.

The Germans lost 800,000 men in the entire Battle of Stalingrad, and over a million Soviet soldiers died.

In the end, the Nazis were living off nothing but raw horseflesh and melted snow. Perhaps the most savage battleground in WWII history.

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