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Enchanted starts out with cartoon characters in a fairy tale world, then suddenly cuts out the animation to real live actors on the streets of NYC for a prince and princess story that spoofs Cinderella and other Disney stories.

The whole film swings broadly from slapstick and mock suspense to song.

This is a great enchanted evening for most everyone in the whole family -- and will all live happily ever after.

Once upon a time innocence takes a poke in the ribs along with Disney animation in this fairy tale turned live action.

Enchanted may not be the greatest movie, but its classic fish-out-of-water premise makes it an enjoyable romp, never-the-less.

It's a 2-dimensional mind set in a three -dimensional world.

Someday your prince will come.

The movie Enchanted, starring Amy Adams, who plays a cartoon princess, is a very different sort of romantic musical comedy, because only 11 minutes of it are animated.

When the cartoon star literally comes to life, she is hurled suddenly from an animated make-believe animated world into the all-too-real streets of Manhattan, where the unsuspecting young lady winds up tricked into a human-world exile by a jealous witch's power.

This film is a blend of classic fantasy and mischievous humor.

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