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Empire is about a driven Puerto Rican drug dealer teaming up with a Wall Street banker to build a powerful underworld organization.

He finds the world of high finance is even more dangerous than the streets. I sort of liked the many strange directions this movie takes you, but it never quite came together for me.

If you don't like violence, then this movie is not for you. It's cold-blooded crime, not at its best.

Empire is everything a film should not be. Its plot: a drug dealer with a heart of gold, trying to go straight;its photography, ruined by bad metering; dialogue so bad, that it's laugh-out-loud funny; and the waste of screen time on gratuitous choreographed shoot-out sequences.

The actors try their best, but this one should have stayed on the shelf.

Empire is a predictable and commonplace movie about a Bronx drug dealer's attempt to go straight.

He becomes doomed and takes a curve when he enlists the help of an investment banker.

I didn't like the format of this film with its extended voiceovers and trash talking profanity on and on throughout the picture.

The story caters to its audience by glorifying drug dealing and violence in all too depressingly familiar way.

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