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After seeing the third series in this Twilight franchise, Eclipse, it's going to make very little sense -- and hard to follow.

They provide no background on the two previous films and assume you know what's going on.

I'm a big fan of vampire and werewolves, and found this a very popular and well-done movie, but if you're like me, do your homework before and you'll enjoy it a lot more.

For me: scissors sideways.

Yes, the teenage soap opera continues . . .

It's the classic love triangle -- will Bella choose Edward or Jacob?

It's teen angst meets gothic romance as vampires battle werewolves or make them their allies to battle other vampires in what can only be described as "the most unusual and boring love story ever told."

It has bad acting, terrible writing, and a director who can't decide if it's better to quick-cut the action sequences or just pause for another dreamy headshot of one of the stars.

It's strictly for fans of the books.


Eclipse is the third installment in the unusually successful Twilight saga.

This time around, the so-called world's most bragged about human-vampire love story finds young, good-looking Bella Swan and her vampire beau, Edward, embracing in a filed of flowers.

They exchange pretty dignified kisses. He says, "Marry me." She demands, "Change me," which means make her a vampire.

The newness of the blockbuster saga is firmly established in old-fashioned (and near to being girlish) romantic rapture.

This fantasy-romance tale is really about a girl's first dream of being desired.

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