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Duets takes you on a jaunty spin across country. It's about three twosomes headed for a karaoke contest in Omaha, Nebraska.

Each couple has a strange story to unfold on the way.

The movie has a little trouble trying to make a comedy-drama, or a musical, but managed to hold my attention through most.

It has a strange feel and funny flavor to it, but I like strange things sometimes.

There's lots of hidden messages to look for and some real mixed-up people, but the movie is better than I expected.

If the term "karaoke in Omaha" isn't enough to send you screaming from the theater, then throw in inept direction, three absolutely unbelievable relationships, and quite possibly the worst script of all time.

Comedy? Drama? Musical? You be the judge!

Karaoke may be the premise, but it's the duration in between that is a total waste of time.

Academy Award winner Gwyneth Paltrow plays a Las Vegas lounge singer who has just lost her mother and is introduced to her father for the first time.

She's weary, and anticipates his acceptance:

You won't regret it,
Women don't forget it,
Love is their whole happiness,
It's all so easy,
Try a little tenderness.

The movie mixes the stories of six main characters who find their voices in a karaoke contest, where ordinary folks get their slim chance at stardom.

The film worked for me.

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