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Based on Stephen King's novel, Dreamcatcher is just about guaranteed to give you nightmares. The tension rarely lets up, and every few minutes some character is maimed or killed.

If you're into monster slice-and-dice movies, you'll be on cloud nine. It's a perfect blend of blood, guts, mystery and gore.

There's a really good reason you should keep the toilet lid shut, so simply enjoy it as a monster flick and keep saying to yourself, it's only a movie.


Beautiful cinematography is lost in the woods as four friends who were linked telepathically as children find themselves in the middle of an alien invasion.

Add to that, Morgan Freeman as a demented special-ops officer reciting (quite possibly) the most laughable dialogue of his career, and you have Dreamcatcher, a supernatural sci-fi thriller, or is it a humorous tongue-in-cheek drama?

Either way, this Stephen King tale is tripped up with gross-out special effects and a muddled storyline that will leave you saying, what the…?

Dreamcatcher is based on the first novel Stephen King completed after his near-fatal 1999 car accident.

The movie is set during a hunting trip in the Maine woods where four pals had an alien encounter years earlier and where they're about to have another.

The storylines are so complicated with so few of them understandable. The film starts out as a character tale, but then goes off into spaceships and weird stuff.

This creature feature is painfully unfocused and misdirected.

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