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This week's reviewed movie is:
How to Train Your Dragon




Gene the Barber

Snick the Sidekick

Gordie the Barber



How to Train Your Dragon is a story about a geeky boy who saves an injured dragon and helps earn his dad's respect bringing closure to a war between humans and dragons.

This cartoon is well polished and presented in a way you should find very enjoyable and breathtaking with all the eye-popping visual effects.

I'm not a big fan of either 3-D or computer animation, so as much as I wanted to dislike this movie, I couldn't help but notice how they had laid out the story.

With both humor and action, it told its tale and sucked you into the emotion of the plot.

Who'd have guessed it? A boy and his dragon!

Still, the Vikings with Scottish accents threw me, and the “love interest / girl-power” stuff is getting a little old – but what the heck, it was still fun to watch.

How to Train Your Dragon is a high-flying action animation tale that is loosely based on a series of popular children's books.

The filmmakers at Dreamworks have created a visually outstanding, energetic motion-inspired adaptation of this new 3-D digital kid's dragon fable.

The fantasy has some breathtaking space shots (that can capture your imagination) in which the young star and his trained dragon experiment as rider and mount in wild, exciting, and perilous flight maneuvers way up in the sky.

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