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Old Dogs is a painful limp-slapstick movie to watch, with nothing fresh and new.

I think John Travolta and Robin Williams do the best they can with this below-par corny script.

But films like this make me that this is not my kind of show and it just didn't work at all.

It's really aimed at the 6-to-7-year-old kiddies, and that's good.

Me, I'll pass.

Sentimentality vies for prominence but loses out to Robin Williams' schmaltziness in this episodic comedy with no continuity.

Its premise is so cut and dry that not even the actors involved buy into it, as it leaps from one embarrassing situation to another.

The trailer was funnier, and edited better.

You can't teach Old Dogs new tricks.

The movie Old Dogs uses an old comic style, where almost every part of the story is changed to try to create laughs.

The problem I had was that they didn't try hard enough in this bow-wow of a comedy.

The film does have a few good, funny, silly moments, but not enough to carry the whole picture.

Most of the jokes are lukewarm, and some just don't work.

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