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Dr. T. and the Women




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Dr. T. and the Women starts out in his gynecologist office with a patient strapped in the stirrups. Believe me, this is no western.

I found the characters somewhat shallow and dull, with non-stop talking. It made it confusing and impossible to focus on. Most of the scenes lasted much too long, which made them disturbing and annoying.

Maybe a few funny laughs, but never any feeling of a solid story line I could be caught up in or follow.

A no-flow show.

It's raging hormones and erratic plot lines as Steel Magnolias meets Magnolia, in what could be arguably called Robert Altman's worst film to date.

Don't get me wrong, this dramady is competently directed, and the actors do their best to follow the Anne Rapp script, but it's full of numerous loose ends and an ending that defies explanation.

Director Robert Altman shapes a tantalizing, bold story about a popular gynecologist trying to juggle all the women in his life.

The action is slow to develop, but the picture is loaded with so many keen observations and opposing ideas which in one case represents a new generation of women tilting the traditional ritual dance of knights and ladies.

The movie lacks the rumbling vibrations of a major Altman film, but it's an amusing and excited look at a man in full confusion, who's like a befuddled prisoner in his own palace of disorderly chaos.

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