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Diary of a Mad Black Woman




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Rarely will a movie make me a little mad, but Diary of a Mad Black Woman really pushed my buttons.

This may have been the most retarded movie ever; a total train wreck.

It begins as a high-strung soap opera, then changes so fast you're never sure what the story's all about.

It's merely a random of clashing styles and moods that can't stay focused and may just well bring on some sort of nausea.

This film is too much: too much slapstick, too much melodrama, and too much Tyler Perry, who appears as three different characters and adapted the screenplay from his popular stage play.

Uneven is the only word for this movie, which tries too hard to please and by doing so, completely misses the mark.

This may have been completely outrageous theater, but as a film it is more an experiment in excess than one of entertainment.

Tyler Perry, who is very popular in the urban theater circuit, brings his first film based on his plays to the big screen.

His plays mix Christian inspiration and distasteful comedy. This story is a mix of faith-based inspiration, broad comedy and melodrama.

The movie begins a journey that takes the female star through anger and toward forgiveness.

Scattered throughout this flick are Perry's many characters.

His drag role grandma was a crude farce, but I did find some redeeming values in the overall production.

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