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Defiance gave me a history lesson about WWII during Nazi occupation in Belarus.

Three Jewish brothers found refuge in the dense forests to escape certain death.

They created a refugee camp dedicated to saving 1,200 Jewish people.

This fascinating true story of survival is a remarkable footnote to the history of WWII that slipped through the cracks.

But this movie brings back things we should all remember.

I found it emotional, exciting, well made, and worth seeing.

It's Exodus redux as 3 Jewish brothers avoid capture and become a warring band of guerrilla fighters saving lives in the midst of WWII.

The conflict begins with moral indecision as the vigilantes become both humanist
and murderers and must make the decision whether to flee or stay and fight.

This true story is a good film with plenty of heart, good acting, and a haunting
(if not sappy) score.

But it's very, very average.

The movie Defiance is a WWII true story of the Bielski family, about three Jewish brothers who in 1941 take off into the woods of their native land to keep
from being captured and killed by the German Nazis.

In the forest, the brothers offer protective cover to local Jews, and ended up saving more than 1,000 Jewish lives through dangerous rescue raids and armed
shootouts with the enemy.

The lead actors are charismatic and committed to this real Holocaust tale .

It's a gripping and heroic historical story.

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