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This week's reviewed movie is:
Dear John




Gene the Barber

Snick the Sidekick

Gordie the Barber


Dear John -- yes, it's about two lovers seperated from each other by war.

But they had two weeks together to set up the story line and get aquainted with the characters and some tender subplots -- involving both sides of their families, with a few flashbacks to explain most details.

The couple had amazing chemistry, showing the awkwardness of a first love.

But, for me, it needed a little more punch and passion.

Save it for the young gals for Valentine's Day.

If you think falling in love is tough, try throwing 9/11, autism & cancer into the mix.

This heavy-handed, predictable love story has so many tear-jearking moments that it is hard to choose just which one will make you go weepy.

The basic premise of love by snail mail and how their relationship grows is great, but the added misery of bad timing and unfortuitous circumstances turns this Nicholas Sparks page-turner into a tearful melodrama.

It's just too much.

Dear John is an emotional love story that involves the predictable serviceman's "dear John" letter that the hero of this melodrama is sooner or later destined to receive while away on duty.

The movie's downfall is in the strained and disorderly, mixed up tale.

This affects the outcome of the central part of plot, that is then wasted.

There's just too much extra drama going on, so almost everything feels crushed and overwhelmed.

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