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As far as I'm concerned, it's almost impossible to make a bad Bond film, as long as they stay with the same formula we expect.

Did you know 007's gadgets and toys in the 60s and 70s were unheard of by most people? Like jet skis, homing devices, pagers, digital watches, lasers, snowboards, and metal teeth.

This movie has plenty of wit; style and a satisfying feel with something for everyone, even some new, improved toys and gadgets for us older fans.

Just good fun, fun, fun.

Bond is back and things aren't looking good. Dismissed from Her Majesty's secret service, he's become a lone wolf in a plot traveling to exotic locales to kiss the girls and make them die.

Sound familiar? After 20, they all do. This overly produced, overly hyped film has plenty of girls, stunts, and explosions to satisfy even the most discriminating Bond fan.

Shaken not stirred.

The thrilling action 007 series is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Don't look for much character development in this movie; the 20th outing of this spy franchise is mostly a tribute to past Bond films.

It's a Bond picture, so it's always going to be girls, gadgets, and action. The Bond elements I liked in this flick are used in new and refreshing ways. Lots of crashes and explosions.

It cost well over 100 million to make, the costliest Bond film ever.

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