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Overall, The Dark Knight is a superior sequel.

There's a blend of serious themes and crowd-pleasing action, with lots of ideas and a flat-out exhilarating roller-coaster plunge into this story of darkness -- for another saga of Gotham City's Caped Crusader.

It's a real tragedy Heath Ledger won't be around to enjoy the spotlight for his amazing performance of the Joker.

I really liked this film.

Everything you've heard is true! Heath Ledger is the best Joker ever.

As Batman broods about the high crime rate in Gotham City, Harvey Dent (the new district attorney) is doing something about it.

Enter the Joker, a criminal with no apparent agenda and no concern about the body count when crime is concerned.

The Dark Knight is an excellent parable about the fight between good and evil, and the innocents who become expendable.

The Dark Knight returns to Gotham City for a second, even moodier and more savage, installment of the franchise.

The picture delivers action, matching Batman against the Joker -- who goes wild in psychotic cosmetics and robs banks and blows up hospitals for the sheer kick of it.

The motion picture leaves out the predatory glamour that makes the comic book films that have come before it look more like kid's stuff.

This flick is more about mind games and might be the darkest super hero movie ever made.

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