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Daredevil is a suprisingly good movie. I thought, well, here we go again. Based on a comic book superhero, a gravity-defying crime-fighter, you should know where you stand, and what to expect.

The film has a nice original look and feel to it--much more rounded than most comic book movies.

Technically, the film looked excellent.

Accept this Marvel comic book hero story and enjoy the countless in-jokes and cameos stashed in the pages of this film.

Daredevil is a blind vigilante who protects Hells Kitchen from crime and injustice.

This is an adult comic book movie with great villains and a flawed hero, but as superhero origins go, this one is pretty much by the numbers.

Bogged down with a mediocre script and set up to make a sequel, this dark tale of a man processed by demons never makes its point.

There are none so blind, than those who do not see.

Daredevil is the sort of incomplete, visually spiritless writing that makes you regret the day that comic book franchises ever took over Hollywood.

Superhero movies are fantasies of power, but when you see one that is as lame and mechanical as this, it so dehumanizes the actors, that it tends to come off as a moral tale of weakness.

The film is little more than a hollow clone of Batman and Spiderman, with far less individual quality traits than either.

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