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Collateral Damage




Gene the Barber

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This is one of the most predictable, by-the-numbers movie that Arnold Schwarzenegger has ever done.

The pacing seemed off time and the twist development near the end is set up so clumsily that you can see it coming a mile away.

I was also disappointed that there were no one-liners thrown in for humor. He didn't even pick up a gun.

I know the 9-11 disaster changed the feeling of his style, but I liked the old comic-book flavor best.

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays it by the book as he reprises the same old revenge-seeking anti-hero he has a dozen times before.

This time it's terrorists, and what could be timelier? Did I mention he was a firefighter?

This action/thriller has such a sluggish pace that even Arnold looks bored. Perhaps he should play it safe and stick to sequels, like the upcoming True Lies 2, Conan 3 and Terminator 3.

Mediocre from start to finish.

The movie Collateral Damage is a revenge thriller that suffers from a four-month postponement because of its resemblance to events of September 11.

I thought this delayed action film, the one we waited for, breaks down, collapses, and bombs under its own silly, unreasonable story.

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