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This is not a typical murder thrill film; it's actually a different kind of story, with a decent mystery at its core, despite not really being about murder.

It's about what most people go through in beginning stages of any relationship and the issue of trust, once they've given you a reason not to trust them.

This movie has a unique style and feel to it, and kept me intrigued all the way through.

If you want to see Meg Ryan stripped bare, then this is your film.

But if you want to see a good movie, this isn't it.

Peppered with more red herrings than the fishing limit allows, this erotic thriller predicatbly goes nowhere, playing more like an adult fairy tale than the mystery it pretends to be .

Dark twists and violent turns cannot save this one.

It's shameless exploitation at its most mundane.

The picture has a few too many plotholes in the storyline for me to overlook.

It seems that the main point of this film is to use sex and violence to sell a movie that doesn't stand well on uts own worth.

I also thought the ending had a few too many coincidences that didn't make sense, even if you give this flick the benefit of the doubt.

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