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 Scissors up

Scissors up

Here's two films in a row by Woody Allen that really tickled my funny bone, first Sweet and Lowdown and now Small Time Crooks.

It's about time that Woody gets back to basics with his style of old-fashioned slapstick comedy.

Noone can do it better, and his love for NYC shows through by using it as a backdrop and big set for all his movies.

An enjoyable, funny film to watch and laugh at, and laugh with it I did.

Woody Allen is back, doing what he does best--bringing out the best performances from his actors in this romantic/comedy gem.

Tracy Ullman and Elaine May practically steal the show. If I tell too much, I'll be giving it away, so let's just say, "Be careful what you wish for."

Small Time Crooks is big-time fun!

How my heart is singin',
While the band is swingin',
Never tired of rompin' and stompin' with you,
At the Savoy what joy,
Just show me all the dough.

Small Time Crooks starts out as a delightful gag comedy, but then turns unexpectedly into a bright social satire.

I give this tale of two dreamers and their cast of richly funny working-class characters a cutting scissors up.

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