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The Crew




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Well, here's four retired crooks, over-the-hill bunch, good old boys, has-been old timers trying to get back into mainstream crime--so they can try to save the low-rent retirement hotel where they live.

This movie just didn't find its mark with me. The actors had no script to pull this one out of the pits.

It became a nothing, boring film that never developed into anything entertaining to keep my interest very long.

It almost worked and should have, but it didn't for me.

The stars of The Crew try their best to be amiable and amusing, but they're trapped with a tired script and no exit.

This is a run-of-the-mill comedy that is rude, crude, and very disappointing, considering the star power involved.

Space Cowboys
it is not.

The Crew is a comedy about four crabby old aging mobsters who are stuck in the living hell of retirement in Miami Beach.

This movie is undermined by a bad script that has to be embarrassing for the veteran actors who must realize this material is beneath them and often stoops to cheap toilet humor and sexual gags in a desperate attempt for laughs.

It has to be humiliating when the old pros are put in a position of acting like old fools who have outlived past glory and can't find a comic groove.

No wonder the stars seemed cantankerous.

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