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This is a movie everyone should take a look at and see just how ridiculous the assumptions we make about people based on their skin color, race, and economical status.

It's an emotionally strong film and extremely honest. It doesn't lecture or pretty up things and never lays blame.

It plays with our stereotypes and looks racism straight in the face, and also provides some plain good old entertainment.

Paul Haggis shows us that bigotry comes in many guises.

Crash is a complex film about the misconceptions that plague society, filled with many strong performances as well as great directing.

It's social commentary by a fine multi-cultural cast that demonstrates that criticism begins with self-examination and sometimes an extraordinarily well-made movie.

The movie is complex, thought-provoking, unsettling & almost overwhelming at times.

But at 107 minutes running time, it's just not enough time to let the numerous participants that are dealing with serious subjects a chance to resolve any of the situations being addressed, leaving the sensation that the characters are only half formed.

The flick is too short to get to know or care about the many people involved in this impact film.

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