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Technically Cowboys and Aliens is well made, and has top-notch people, right down to the best boy.

Everyone puts spirit and gusto into this rousing action adventure that might not have a brain in its head, but offers plenty of excitement.

In other words, a cool new War of the Worlds with a western sci/fi flair.

I bought most of this film, but knew when it finished the main man would ride off into the sunset.

I don't want to ruin it for you, but this movie has BOTH cowboys AND aliens in it.

Despite its over the top title and trailer, this overly cliched film is NOT that much fun.

It's got the characters, and it has the special effects, but it's missing a coherent storyline.

The title says it all -- mediocre and unsatisfying.

The movie, which has at its roots a comic book, is backed by a number of highly respected filmmakers, including Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard.

What the writers ended up pitching and what caught producer Spielberg and Howard's attention was a deadpan thriller that addresses both western and alien types on their own terms without much winking.

The film has a strong start and an action special effects packed climax, but there are times in the middle when it becomes pokey and drags a little.

For the most part, Cowboys & Aliens delivers.

The director keeps the tone light and the result is a crowd-pleasing summer blockbuster flick with more humor than most science fiction westerns.

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