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The Core is a smart visual piece of sci-fi that will take you on a journey to the center of the earth.

The reason? The core of the earth has stopped spinning, which protects the planet from losing its magnetic field. A team of scientists launches a journey inside a specially constructed digging machine to kick-start the core by exploding a few atomic warheads.

The best part of any disaster movie is watching cities reduced to a pile of smoking rubble.

So strap yourself in for a visual ride. You won't be disappointed; it's lots of fun.

Fantastic Voyage meets Independence Day as scientists drill to the earth's core to set off weapons of mass destruction.

Ah, there's nothing like a movie to help you escape the reality of current events as world landmarks explode and the space shuttle falls from the sky.

Witty dialog is transformed from conversational to trite, and scientific demonstrations are pulled right out of Plan Nine from Outer Space.

But there's plenty of magma and enough Freudian imagery to embarrass Sigmund himself. Bad taste, good cinema, or just bad timing.

I thought the writing was below par, and the acting comes down to a bunch of gifted actors trying to outdo each other as they sit around a cockpit and try to provide enough heart and humor to make you forget the sheer stupidity of the facts of the movie.

The molten core of the earth has stopped spinning, and the planet will be thrown into an electromagnetic turmoil unless they journey to the center of the earth and set off a series of nukes to get that hot and gooey global center on its axis again.

This is bad science, in my opinion.

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