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In this eerie, sinister, dark, yet elegant tale, a blue-haired girl oddly named Coraline -- which gives the film its title -- finds a secret door in her new home and discovers another version of her life.

The message here is to be careful what you wish for and appreciate your parents, however imperfect they might be.

I liked the peculiar charm and some good genuine scares in this film. Then throw in the splendor of 3-D that could make you gasp and laugh out loud.

Coraline is perfectly creepy.

Basically alone in a new place while her parents work on their gardening catalog, Coraline discovers a door to the "Otherworld," an idyllic place of wonder, where everything is to her liking (or is it?).

It's a flawless blend of stop-action animation and 3-D filmmaking that is sure to both delight and terrify.

I was pleasantly surprised by this stop-motion 3-D animated big-screen version of the children's book Coraline, an extraordinary wonder of a dark fantasy story.

It's a very clever and original inventive strange tale that has some marvelous magical moments.

The movie is for all ages, except small kids.

It has a few scary images and presents a stern vision and imagination of the modern family.

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