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The Cooler




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Gene was under the weather, and did not review this film.

Both old and new Las Vegas get a ribbing in this old-fashion tale of love in Sin City.

William H. Macy is the "cooler" of the title, a man so unlucky, if he passes a table, everyone goes on a losing streak.

He's about to leave town after paying off a debt, when love unexpectedly enters his life.

It's an unusual love story, in an unusual town.

The Cooler is a Las Vegas fable about a sad sack whose loser spell is so catching that he's employed to "cool" the luck of hot streak players at the casino, where he is working off a huge gambling debt.

The star is the most unlucky guy on the strip; even his cat ran away and his house plants all died.

Things look pretty bad until he meets a cocktail waitress who befriends and changes his luck for a while, until a surprise visitor puts him in the middle of a family mess.

This is a Sundance Festival hit, with very good acting all around.

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