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Conviction is based on a true story about a brother and sister -- starring Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell.

It is driven by her belief in the brother's innocence. She went back to school and passed the Bar in two states so she could argue on her brother's behalf and the use of DNA typing.

Finally, after 18 years in prison, she proved her brother was the wrong person.

This film builds to a good-feel ending that packs quite an emotional punch, and a topnotch performance to watch.

Hilary Swank turns in her usual high-powered performance as the sister of a wrongly convicted man, who takes on law school in order to prove his innocence.

Unfortunately, like all "true stories," it's bland and predictable, leaving the actors with a so-so script and the audience expecting more.

Two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank has a cleverness in performance for bringing real people to the screen.

In the movie Conviction, she plays another true-life figure, Betty Anne Waters, a Massachusetts single mother who spent 18 years struggling and working to free her brother after he was wrongfully convicted of murder.

The task used up part of her life, but she prevailed, digging up evidence that freed her brother, who lost a good part of his life behind bars.

This is a compelling, powerful, true story of justice served.

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