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This week's reviewed movie is:
Ice Age: Continental Drift




Gene the Barber

Snick the Sidekick

Gordie the Barber

scissors up
scissors sideways
Ice Age: Continental Drift doesn't add much new stuff in its plot except a little danger--like being stranded on a chunk of iceberg and adding a gang of pirates.

The new actors' voice-overs worked well; even a couple of jokes hit the mark.

It's like a fast ride in a big water park with snow and ice added.

The message is a lesson about friendship and letting go of family.

It has heart but simply for the young at heart for sure.
Ice Age: Continental Drift doesn't even try.

Except for Scrat (the prehistoric squirrel) and the Simpson's short (before the film) nothing could be more mediocre--pirates? teenege angst? Is this the ice age?

The current edition of this VERY lucrative franchise is just fluff.

It doesn't even try to tell a coherent story.

Children, maybe--adults, no way!
The new animated film, Ice Age: Continental Drift, is a gentle rebound back from the dinosaur doldrums of the last Ice Age movie.

This 4th installment of the very sucessful franchise is as comfortable and predictable as the first story with only a few design changes.

There is nothing offensive about this cartoon. Most little kids will enjoy themselves.

Some of the humor is funny, and some of the action is at least colorful and lively animated.

When the main stars get stranded on a ice floe, they become separated from their families and try to get back home.

It's a gloomy plot, but the flick keeps throwing things at you, like an ape pirate and a fun hallucination sequence.

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