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Tom Cruise delivers a different type of character, a persistent hit man with very little heart. Just a bad dude.

He manages to do another very cool and memorable performance in his usual style.

The film starts off slow, but delivers at every step of the way, and keeps on building to the very end.

This movie should please anyone looking for action, good characters, funny moments, shoot-outs, and a fulfilling ending.

A really enjoyable thriller for me.


Los Angeles is the backdrop for this modern film noir tale of a hired killer and the cabbie he kidnaps to make his appointed rounds.

Dark, brooding, and showing almost no signs of emotion, Cruise plays the professional assassin with a sardonic glint in his eye, while Jamie Foxx, a 12- year, part- time cab driver, reflects on the choices he has made in his life.

Michael Mann does a lot with little, making this a strange but surprisingly entertaining movie.

Tom Cruise seems to be at his best when he's playing the bad guy. It's quite an interesting thing to see this winking charmer as an evil man served up slick and angry as an assassin with a fast mouth and a cold heart.

The whole movie takes place in L.A. in one night. After hailing a cab, the star turns into the worst kind of backseat driver, holding his cabbie at gunpoint to pursue his big dreams.

It's a really dangerous ride, and a fare to remember for the unlucky cab driver.

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