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Cold Mountain




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Cold Mountain is a love story about a local man and woman who were separated by the Civil War, barely knowing one another but longing for each other while forced apart.

After being wounded, he is determined to hike 300 miles back to the girl he left behind.

It's filled with wonderful odd characters and locals who are perfectly cast and filmed.

All the drama, adventure, and exciting parts of history make for a great story well told.

Nicole Kidman and Jude Law are two people separated by war who must learn to fend for themselves.

This is not so much a story of survival and love as a tale of survival fueled by love.

Cold Mountain is filled with great performances by a fine supporting cast, including Rene Zellweger as Ada's resourceful companion, Ruby.

Cold Mountain is a best-selling Civil War novel that explores the consequences of choosing love over war.

The star plays a wounded Confederate soldier who deserts the battle and embarks on a treacherous journey to reunite with his sweetheart co-star.

The film traces their (one behind another) struggles to survive their longing and the harsh elements

What saved this love-during-wartime drama for me was the many great supporting performances, each representing another character with a story.

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