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I think Cloverfield tried something new in this picture -- like not showing very much of the monsters -- only instant fast flashes, plus not explaining how they arrived or where they came from.

I thought they would explain later, but didn't. Well, nitpickers, go for it.

All said and done, it's a really good modern monster flick with shaky hand-held cameras and all the great effects you ever want to see.

Cloverfield IS the Blair Witch Project of post-9/11 New York, a cautionary tale of surprise parties and their aftermath.

It's marred, not by its hand-held camera work, but by its two-dimensional portrayal of human beings.

Lame dialogue, followed by screams and jerky film making, is not a horror film.

I found the monster movie Cloverfield to be interesting because it's so different.

If you're able to accommodate the shaky hand-held camera, the picture delivers.

There are moments of high tension, and the sense of danger feels closer and more real than in any recent motion picture of this kind.

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