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The premise behind this sci-fi film called Click is being able to use a universal remote control to change your life by fast-forward, pause, or rewind or whatever.

I thought the story was a good idea. It does take from some classic films like Scrooge and It's a Wonderful Life.

This is not like Adam's other comedies; this is more dry and serious.

It gets a little weird--don't ask many questions--it will all come together at the very end.

Click is a great premise gone awry--a fantastic comic gimmick that morphs into a depressing morality tale.

For the first half, Adam Sandler does his amusing schtick, but that quickly turns into pathos lifted from several Frank Capra films.

A good cast was wasted on an uneven and ultimately pointless movie.

The picture Click is a fantasy story about an overworked architect who's given a remote control that allows him to magically take command of his messed-up home & office life.

This is an Adam Sandler movie all the way that ranges from juvenile slapstick humor to adult territory, blending comedy & drama.

It's not a perfect film and has the usual amount of mean-spirited gags, but it does have some heart.

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