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City by the Sea




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This is not an action movie with shootouts, car chases, or detective work. It's a drama through and through, about one man's effort to deal with the mistakes of his past.

Robert DeNiro and James Franco play father and son in an extremely well-acted performance that made this film work by keeping my interest firmly to the end.

So check this film out, and enjoy two hours well spent.

There are two ways to look at this film; one is to reflect on the great cast doing some terrific acting, and the other is to focus on the implausible script and shoddy direction.

True, there are some great performances, but they are overwhelmed by stilted dialogue and a convoluted storyline.

It's a film that works to a point, then quits. How disappointing.

The picture is about a New York detective, whose honorable police career is turned upside down when he tracks a killer, only to find out it's his own son.

I liked the fact that the story takes its inspiration from true events.

It's a dark, bleak film about fathers and sons, their battles and disappointments.

The performances by the cast are solid and believable.

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