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Scissors up

There's no way this movie won't be a major summer success for kids of all ages and adults alike.

The trailer really didn't turn me on, but the movie hooked me all the way. With a witty and original script, it's just fun to look at!

It's loaded with many funny one-liners, and it just makes you smile. I personally enjoyed the smart, fresh humor of chicken-loving fun.

Of the four animated films currently running, Chicken Run is THE surprise delight.

Artfully directed, with a funny script that parodies many films, it's a claymation Great Escape that the whole family can enjoy.

Egg-ceptional animation, it's truly "poultry in motion."

Chicken Run recalls a half-dozen WWII-style prison camp and escape movies--but with chickens.

This is an action comedy that blends a great story with animation.

This funny film has a great blend of realistic, gritty images that is well layered for just about every age group.

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