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Chicago is a Broadway musical transformed into a clever film that knows how to use song and dance to tell a story in a new-fangled creative way and say it in a toe-tapping style.

What a welcome surprise, just full of glittering razzle-dazzle. Then throw in a couple of juicy murders along with the best good early jazz you'll ever hear.

With superb acting throughout . Can you hear me now?

Chicago is a marvelous cast trapped in a fantasy, filled with musical numbers and dazzling costumes, and in the expert hands of director Rob Marshall, one of those rare instances where play to film works.

An entertaining story, where fantasy and reality share a common thread.

1929 Chicago never looked so good, and musicals never better.


Chicago is pure fun, right from the exciting and dazzling opener, which sets the stage for the rest of the show.

It's smartly filmed and edited, everything a musical is supposed to be. I liked the way the director allowed the story to flow through the songs and dance with a kind of syncopated rhythm.

The movie is a total blast.

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