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I found this to be a very enjoyable movie, with a well-chosen cast of characters.

There is plenty of suspenseful and exciting moments that keep building the tension. There is a plot twist that turns on the high tech and shows the capabilities of the new cell phones.

Actually, it's just a lot of fun, and don't be too hard on the script. Just enjoy the ride.

Can you hear me now?

After intercepting a phone call from a kidnapped woman, our innocent hero fells obligated to speed through traffic, steal several cars, and shoot up the town.

The director does a great job of keeping this thriller plausible despite the lame dialogue and the thin-as-ice plotline, but if you like your tension high and keep your suspension of belief low, this film will probably work for you.

I liked it.

The movie is a kidnapping thriller that features a cell phone that is pretty much involved with everything in this film.

Oscar-winner Kim Basinger plays a science teacher and kidnap victim, whose life depends on a cell phone and how well it works.

The picture is well acted and sometimes believable, but what was amazing is the number of uses the writers thought of for the cell phone.

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