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The Cell




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The Cell is a truly disturbing film. It takes you, the viewer, on an inter-distasteful, hard-to-watch, almost pornographic trip into the mind of a morbid, cruel serial killer.

This makes everything I've seen so far look like a kid's cartoon. It breaks new ground in all directions with bizarre, shocking turn of events.

The Cell is not for many movie-goers, only the pure, hard-core freak fans.I thought I was there, but this picture stopped me short. I'll spare you the gory details and just go scissors down.

You've heard it called Silence of the Lambs meets The Matrix, but in reality it is a modern retelling of Fantastic Voyage, as scientists (or in this case psychologist) enter the mind of a serial killer to find out where his latest victim might be.

Jennifer Lopez, more supermodel than actress, must deal with imagery straight out of a Czechoslovakian animated short, with beautiful costumes and art direction wasted in a flesh-ripping gorefest that even aspirin can't save.

Schlock masquerading as art!

I found The Cell to be a pointless science fiction shocker that deals in disgusting, uncalled-for film reflections.

Quite a few scenes resemble T.V. commercials and music videos, with no apparent purpose that quickly becomes mind-numbing.

The movie has a great deal of mumbo-jumbo chatter, with scientists, doctors, and cops explaining to one another what's happening. I didn't buy their explanations.

In my view, this was a sorry, pathetic excuse for a picture.

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