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The Cat in the Hat certainly is a great book for children, but unfortunately the big-screen adaptation is such a disappointment.

I assumed it was only for kids, but the PG rating changed the flavor, and the adult material didn't work at all.

The punchlines were visible long before the jokes actually finished.

The best part of this film was that it was over in 82 minutes.

It's loud and it's boisterous
And its wit is uncharming.
It's crude and it's vulgar,
And that's quite alarming.

The plot (if there is one) is written quite loose.
It's based on a book, but not Dr. Seuss.

The cat is no actor; In fact he's quite scary.
He's not quite the Grinch, and he's not quite Jim Carey.

It's visually impressive, but not very funny.
It's not about boredom;
It's all about money.

This feline is fuzzy, But he is no clown. My rating for this one is scissors down.

Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat is a very popular children's book that is recommended reading for 4 to 8 year olds, which has been among the top 10 best sellers for children since 1957.

This adaptation of the book is over-produced and almost nothing, funny in the movie comes out of the real story, but this is kids' slapstick entertainment that is visually impressive with colors and set design with a very narrow age range of appeal.

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