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Cast Away




Gene the Barber

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This movie will let you experience the feeling of total isolation with a scary sense of realism.

I thoroughly enjoyed every part of this three-part story: the set up, the survival, and the return. It's not like most run-of-the-mill survival flicks, when rescued it's over.

All the cast was just great, but this is Tom Hank's movie all the way--and maybe his best yet.

I've already predicted best movie of the year.

Tom Hanks plays Robinson Crusoe to Wilson the volleyball's Friday in this this modern retelling of the survival classic.

Stranded with little more than his ingenuity (and a few FedEx packages), he must do his best to keep alive both mind and spirit (and never forget the girl he left behind).

Despite a weak ending, it is still a fascinating film--well worth seeing.

Cast Away is about a FedEx executive who is marooned for four years on a deserted South Sea island when his delivery plane crashes in a storm.

The star must transform himself physically and emotionally to survive.

He rises and soars as a near-naked, near-biblical man in this ambitious epic about men & love & loneliness.

The script is clever, and the characters are well-developed in this non-traditional adventure.

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