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Riding in Cars with Boys




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In case you're wondering about the title, it seems all the key events in Beverly's life always happen when she's in a car.

There are a few holes and voids in the story I would have liked to know about. It's an entertaining comedy/drama that's refreshingly honest in every detail.

I do think this might be Drew Barrymore's best work to date. It's a movie about loving people despite the ways they might hurt us.

Based on a true story, Drew Barrymore stars in this sugar-coated piece of nostalgia about a woman's fall from grace and the lost of her dreams.

Directed by Penny Marshall, who dwells on cute rather than reality.

It has great acting, but men are portrayed as unsympathetic, untrustworthy and just plain stupid.

A date movie that will have men running for the nearest exit.

(Sings, Joy to the World.)

Riding in Cars with Boys is a drama about a former bad girl who grows up.

It's a story that's honest about the hardships and sorrows that happen in families. The film shows mixed-up and confused lives, but is not simply trading on moments of tragedy.

This movie brings to life the minds and hearts of real characters in the real world, in which emotions happen as a consequence of reality.

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