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Barnyard is very imaginative in putting a story together of various animals who live and party as humans--without anyone the wiser.

My problem with this film is that it doesn't seem to know what its target audience is--for children or adults?

I'm not going to nitpick this apart, but it will sure need some explaining for younger kids.

Holy Cow!

Borrowing its storyline from The Lion King and its animation from Fisher-Price, Barnyard fails to entertain on almost every level.

It's a low-key comedy that depends on repetitive jokes, sad songs, and farmyard animals acting like humans to make its rather obvious point.
And then there are the male cows. No bull!
Barnyard is the latest of this summer's animated films, featuring computer-generated critters out for adventure.

It's the story of a goofy juvenile cow that plays with the idea of revealing to the world that animals have human abilities, like when the farmer's away, he and his critter friends throw jamborees in the barn and go surfing down the cliff atop a block of ice.

This is a small fry slapstick movie for young kids with a couple of adult themes injected in the plot, like father/son issues, to stir up the mix.

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