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I'm sure this film will offend many. It's crude, embarrassing, but outrageously funny.

At times the overkill techniques detail and show way more than you want to see.

If you didn't like Borat, stay clear of Bruno. If you liked Borat, you should be ready for a shock jock at work.

I believe they should have the right to make films like this, but the rating was way over the line.

This film is definitely not for anyone who is easily offended.

Although it is episodic and (literally) all over the map, it still follows the basic formula of Borat (a foreign visitor/fish-out-of-water comedy).

It is outrageous, offensive, and at times extremely funny, Bruno is at its best when it is poking fun at the fashion industry and at its worst when it's disrespecting everything else.

It's an over-the-top no-holds-barred comedy that is bound to make you both uncomfortable and bemused.

Actor Sasha Baron Cohen stars in the new misfit movie, Bruno.

This is a successor to the film Borat and works the same tactic of exploiting the stupidity, ignorance, and prejudice of people as a form of one who uses biting sarcasm and ridicule for a social commentary.

This flick attacks with a bitter criticism and is crude, lewd, and noisily rough.

The picture sometimes is both frightful to look upon and then horrible to think of after you have seen it.

The entire production is in bad taste, as far as I'm concerned.

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