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Unbreakable will make you listen and pay attention. Sometimes, I just didn't know where they were going with the story, but did care and tried to follow along most of the time.

I don't like to compare this film with The Sixth Sense, but here goes: it just didn't have the punch and caved in on itself, never building to my expectations and never really coming together.

Then, with a very unsatisfying ending, it left me in limbo.

One of the problems of producing, directing, and writing your own movie is that it is hard to be objective.

So if you throw in subdued performances and a slow and deliberate pace, you'd better make it worthwhile in the end.

Well, no such luck, as Unbreakable tells the origin of a super hero saga, complete with surprise twist and a totally dissatisfying ending.

Dark and moody, with no pay-off.

Unbreakable is a suspense thriller that requires your mind to work overtime. You know there's something going on, but you don't know what it is in this mystery movie.

The story spins off in several directions and serves up garbled symbolism instead of dramatic truth.

The film has a sixth sense for mumbo-jumbo with its dark atmosphere and bad pacing.

It's a muddled, self-serious snoozer. The picture should have been rated R, in my view, largely for a scene with violent content that could be very upsetting for small children.

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